Eleni Skarpari from Echo Want Her Voice Back
"Louie London has been a supporting fan of EWHVB for years now, and I am extremely grateful for the photographs he took and shared in an effort to help me on my journey. He's a lovely person, full of sincerity and enthusiasm when it comes to music, and is especially helpful to independent musicians starting out. I'm thankful to Louie for coming to so many shows, and capturing all those moments for us."
Natalie Banna
"I do not say lightly that I personally feel Louie is by far the best music photographer in London I have met. And that is saying something as I have invited many London photographers down to my gigs and he exceeds them all! Not only that, but his loyalty and commitment to follow through when he says he will come is admirable. And a couple of times he has showed up without my asking which speaks to the kind, loyal soul that he is. He deserves all the fame and success I’m sure is his future!"
Dana McKeon
"Louie is one of the foremost supporters of the live music scene in London. He has promoted and documented countless gigs and Open Mics, capturing key moments of the events through his natural, candid photography. Louie also plays an active role in generating support for music artists via social media. His friendly demeanour, enthusiasm and pro-active involvement in the local music scene make him stand out. On a personal note, a few of Louie’s images from my concerts have been featured on my social media and received great feedback."
Eryx London
"I've met Louie years ago in Kingston Upon Thames. For all this time he's always been a friend and a great photographer, always available and helpful. He's been supporting lots of musicians for so many years. Open mics or gigs, he was always there with his big passion for music and photography. I have some beautiful pics to remember my best gigs in London I have to thank him. I wish you all the best Louie."
Dan Caleb
"I'm a musician and I've always been impressed with Louie's photos, having first met him about 3 years ago. Every time he's shared his work with me after one of my gigs I've been very happy with the photographs and there are always some great promo shots to use. I find a uniqueness and variety in his photos which means I'm always happy consistently sharing them on my social media pages. I'm currently setting up a website for my music and will certainly aim to use some of Louie's shots."
Robert Ouseley
"Louie is an exceptionally talented photographer whose dedication shows itself in the quality of his work. Professional, friendly, courteous, and possessing the most hi-tech, up to date equipment, I strongly recommend using Louie. I’ve used his photos and videos for two years now and can confirm the strength of his reputation in the London live music scene."
Ben Henderson
"I really appreciate all the effort you put into coming to open mics, and the tireless promotion work you do. It's always good to see you at open mics, Louie - and I know the performers really appreciate all the photos and videos you take capturing the performance. I've seen you take some lovely in-the-moment character snapshots at gigs. Thank you for all your hard work, and the hundreds of photos you take at each gig."
Steve Van-Deller from Doctor Slideshow
"I don’t know many (any?) other people who would travel across London, whatever the weather, just to take pictures of musicians. Louie does it because he loves music and he loves taking photographs. That enthusiasm and dedication comes across in his pictures which capture the mood of the gigs perfectly. Mas if that weren’t enough, he then goes home and posts them on the internet, tells everyone how the great the gigs were, then gets up the next day and does it again. Thanks Louie! 
Brian Goggin
"I know Louie since 2017, particularly on the Harrow music scene. He documents the music scene very well with his fine photos, which capture the atmosphere of each musical event, as well as the characters involved. Even though he moved away from Harrow, he still appears from time to time, camera in hand as always. Louie is a really decent bloke, with a passion for music and talent for documenting music events visually with his top quality, professional photographs. Thanks for all the great work, much appreciated!"
Kingsley Beats
"Louie London is brilliantly skilled photographer. He travels indefatigably across the capital and Surrey, framing moments in time. As well as capturing the ethos and chronology of specific bespoke nights, he is worth hiring for your promo materials as well, since there's no substitute for Louie London's levels of creativity, skill and professionalism."
Sam Scarrott
"Louie London is a prolific photographer on the London Music scene who's work I have been glad to use for my promotional material. He has put the work in to gain lot's of experience snapping musicians around the capital at all the coolest events."
Dave Lambert
"The paths of Louie London and "the Other Dave" have been criss-crossing for several years as Louie has taken many excellent photos at gigs and open mics in the Kingston and Surbiton areas. Often putting "the Other Dave" in a good light and spreading the word of his band known as "The DMs".
Martin Christie

"I met Louie at one of my all electronic music open mics in London recently and he produced some amazing pictures of the night. He even gave me some good advice for how I could improve my own picture taking. The night features of all kinds of electronic music and technology so there was lots of opportunity for interesting pictures, but I particularly liked how Louie also captured the audience and the vibe of the night. Incorporating the environment in which musicians and artists are playing is important to me as it shows that music is also about community and bringing people together. I’d recommend Louie for all your musical photography needs."
Louie London is a photographer based in Feltham, West London (UK) specialising in concerts, events, and portraiture photography since 2010. He has experience working with various musicians and video recording shows.  More about Louis London can be discovered on the about page. Louie London also manages a list of regular music events and open mics you can access by clicking here!
You can contact Louie London by clicking here!
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